Moonwalk and Binance Partner To Launch NFT Tickets For FIFA Team FC Dynamo.

FC Dynamo Kyiv is launching NFT ticketing for its 2021 season, powered by Moonwalk.

European FIFA football team ranked No. 1 in the Ukrainian Premier League, FC Dynamo Kyiv, is launching NFT ticketing for its 2021 season, powered by Moonwalk. These tickets will be listed exclusively on Binance NFT Marketplace as a part of ‘100 Creators Campaign’ that is done to celebrate the launch of Binance NFT Marketplace. Dynamo Kyiv will become the first major sports team in the world to regularly sell NFTs as both tickets and collectibles. 

Dynamo Kyiv fans will be able to purchase NFT tickets only on Binance NFT Marketplace at the end of June. Moonwalk and Binance NFT will serve as the exclusive NFT ticketing providers.  Leading up to the season kick-off, exclusive game-related NFTs will be dropped on the leading NFT marketplace, Binance NFT.

Earlier this year Dynamo Kyiv chose Moonwalk to develop its new fan engagement platform. We have been busy developing the tokenized rewards and payments systems that will leverage NFTs as collectibles, unlocking fan rewards, and now ticketing. We are excited to be bringing NFT ticketing to a major international football club and this marks an exciting new development for the Moonwalk platform and our capabilities to deliver advanced blockchain services for our live event clients.

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